Friday, February 8, 2008

New to Me

One of my favorite spots in the MFA is the impressionism and post-impressionism collection. Our teacher mentioned a particularly interesting series of paintings by Monet that used to be represented in this collection. They were his studies on the seasonal colors of haystacks. For whatever reason, I was always drawn to them. It could be because they were explained during my Art History course, so I felt I had an "understanding" of them and thus, a reason to stare.

So I expected to see them when the class was in this part of the museum, but what do you know? They were gone. My initial disappointment was replaced by excitement and joy when I discovered that two pointillist paintings had replaced them. I'm not sure I've ever seen pointillist paintings in person until then, so I was pretty wowed. They just look cool, you know?

Anyway, these two paintings are what stood out most to me at the museum. Further online research (er... Googling) led to some more interesting pointillist paintings, specifically by Paul Signac. Peep this self-portrait he did. Sgt. Pepper, eat your heart out.

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