Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Art within Art

Being a somewhat frequent visitor of the MFA over the past several months, I had always assumed that I knew what the museum was about, what it contained and what it meant. I soon realized something that I hadn't before. The museum itself is a piece of art. As we ascend the grand staircase up into the main foyer, we are surrounded by oval and circular shapes. And as we look more closely, they are all around us. Similar symbolic shapes are the theme in the main atrium, even the balcony that leads to the floor below us- we are looking through a circle. Every color, shape, texture, and size has a distinct purpose. As someone pointed out, the architecture housing these historical artifacts was built to impress. When we take our focus off the sacred artwork on display and for a moment consider the four walls around us, we realized just how magnificent, and aw-inspiring it really is. It's like a painting within a painting.

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