Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Behind the Scenes

Boston, Massachusetts is home to a wealth of knowledge. With more college institutions then anywhere in the country, there is no wonder to the fact that we harbor a huge percentage of the worlds geniuses. The MFA for instance is a massive beacon of history. Its walls have artworks from nearly every country, and its art storage is one of the largest in the world. I have grown up behind the scenes. My Father works for Harvard art Museums and is in control of the arts physical space. He is concerned with its preservation and presentation, as well as helping students see something they haven't seen before. If you want to see a specific piece of art that is in their facilities, you can check it out and they will display the piece in your own private viewing room. This is how to see art.

The MFA's Vast collecting always impresses me. This trip I noticed a large ink well from Spain. The maker was unknown but it was very well done. Their were side chambers for writing implements and it was covered in painted glass to look like a forest scene. I was impressed due to the fact that it was useful and beautiful. I would have a picture but my phone wouldn't pass it to the computer. I'll go back and snap a real one. Thanks, Lucas.

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