Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Time to the MFA

Yes this is a bit late, it should have been in here a few weeks back...

Two things I noticed on this, my first ever time to the Boston MFA, were the total lack of character most of the museum had, and how cheesy the murals in the big stairway looked.  The latter was kind of a let down to me because the architecture was otherwise impressive. Unfortunately the murals were sort of drab and lifeless much like most of the museum. This brings me to the first point, which addresses the boring character of the museum.  Indeed it is the function of the Museum to simply house and showcase the paintings/artwork but it all seems very sterile and hospital-like.  I guess maybe I prefer to see artwork hung in somebody's living room or den.  Personally, I feel the artwork is really only a function of the environment around it, especially seeing as you can buy a copy of almost any great masterpiece and take it home with you.  There's nothing special to seeing a copy (even if it isn't a silly poster) in a large dreary museum.  

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