Friday, February 8, 2008

"first" visit...

Since higher powers at work have requested that I censor my first post from the common "public", here a new one to ponder.

Not sure if I'm the only one, but this "tour" through art basically felt like a crash course to all the visits I took in Art History I and II. Not saying this a bad thing, because it was a great refresher, but it didn't allow me to really notice anything new or different in the artwork. One thing I did observe was the architecture of the museum.

When we first walked up the steps into the open dome-like room, I was quite amazed. I had never seen this before in the museum. The paintings on the ceiling, which I thought were originals from antiquity, are actually contemporary works of art specifically designed for the Museum. This is interesting to me, as the museum is trying to look like an ancient European place a worship, far from anything American.

Why would they decide to design the building like this? I'm not sure, but maybe the designers we're secure with the American style at the time of it's creation. I'm just speculating here, as I have no knowledge of the time period, the architects, or the intention of the design.

I was going to try and upload some images, of the dome, and some of the sculpture adorning the walls, but there were complications (i.e. error uploading). Oh well.

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