Monday, February 11, 2008

Beauty of Impracticality...

Because I was away, I didn't get to visit the MFA with the rest of the class. At first I felt some kind of relief, having always had bad experiences on class trips to the Toronto Museum with my highschool and elementary classes (that just never seemed to end). After checking out what they had I was actually pleasantly suprised to find the "Walk this Way" Collection.

I am person who takes the ancient artworks, and historical masterpieces to heart, but rarely has the patience to take the time to analyze them.

I'm more of person who is addicted and enthraled in the modern forms of artwork and expression that surround me on daily basis and directly affect my life. This is one of the many reasons I was so attracted to this course in the first place.

That being said, I wear clothes everyday, and can truthfully say I'm probably a little obessed with the whole idea. Its one of those many things that I consider to be such an amazing form of art that really gets to me day to day. I was pleased to find "Walk This Way" with such a focus on fashion itself.

When viewing the collection I started to think about what we as humans really need on our feet to be supported and comfortable etc. and then started comparing that to what was being displayed. There was all the unecessary frills and laces, heels and soles, different types of materials, different heights and time periods, and I saw that we have always been attracted to the idea of going further than whats required. We've always been drawn to that little something extra.

We've always found beauty in the impractical.

I really liked realizing all this when viewing the collection. I've just always been bothered by the question when people ask "Why do you shop so much", or "Why do you worry so much about clothes, shoes, your appearance etc...
I realized I'm just one of many who sees art as something wearable. I see effort and work being put into bettering yourself and your outward appearance. Even if your not the one creating it, your using it. The clothes/shoes become your paints, and you combine them to create an image, an artwork. I just think its a really awesome beautiful thing.

Got a little carried away there haha. Thats all for now ;)

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