Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Listen to me!

When trying to decide on a new form of media to present, that has just taken off and become very popular, I immediately thought of YouTube. Not just the site itself, but some specific content that the website contains. It is the “self-promotion” of talent though homemade digital videos. This is not a very recent form of media, but I have noticed it getting very popular in recent years.

Most of the time these videos are filmed from built in computer cameras, or web cams mounted on the computer’s display. The “artist” in the video then introduces himself or herself, and begins singing to a karaoke track they have stored on their computer. Most of the time these singers are just starring blankly into their computer screens at their own image being filmed by the camera. They evoke emotion as if the song was their own, and as if they were performing for a live audience. However, much too often these home videos are of poor talent quality and potential, and to the artist’s surprise, the video actually becomes a worldwide form of comedic entertainment viewed by thousands made possible by the amazing YouTube.

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