Friday, May 9, 2008

Old media Blog- The Canvas

Art and innovation has yielded new art forms and thousand of techniques.  The early people of this world were cave painters and simple hunters and gathers.  As culture began to grow we got better at growing food and had more potential for creating products.  It had been so long that painters had to create on boards of wood with week Bristol brushes.  The painters of Denmark and the Netherlands had created something big.  The invention of the canvas revolutionized the painting world.


Lighter painting surface
More portable
Paint absorbent material
cheaper to manufacture
easier to obtain materials
More brush definition
Better preservation
Larger sizes

The canvas is still used today.  It was a huge step for the flemish painters.  Now the painter had the opportunity to paint for themselves and friends and become the true rock-star that they are.  Today we are finding new ways to paint and new forms of art.  We will continue to create tools that help us to innovate and create our wildest imaginations.

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