Monday, March 3, 2008

Travelling Scholars..and my comments..

As a member of group B.. the division of students that occurred at the MFA in Boston left me to deliver a comment on the responses/reactions of members in Group A, to posters for the "Traveling Scholars" exhibit...

I liked what "Yi Chou" had to say about the comparison of art and invention, and how it applied to what the traveling scholars stand for..
Art definitely deserves a lot more credit than most people who don't care give it. It definitely does inspire the greatest minds in history, even the scientific ones. Art is a physical representation of the time period, the current culture, and the feelings and emotions of the artists creating it, and of humankind. It has no rules or boundaries. It provokes the eyes into seeing the thoughts of another's imagination. This challenges the great minds driving them to scientifically, literally, and factually explain the reasons and powers behind these works. With this comes the will to create and invent... and from these inventions are culture and our world is fueled through the process of change...

Artists are almost the eyes for those who cannot see past their own boundaries, the sight for those that cant see past themselves, it is the imagination for those who fear to dream, and it is the physical representation of history and culture for those who just let it pass them by without taking time to have a second glance and appreciate it... So artists keep pushing boundaries and keep provoking the minds of those who can only see things one way.. it will feed the intelligence of the scholars around us pushing and driving them to create and advance culture as we know it..

"Art inspires invention with creativity and also documents it..." - Yi Chou

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