Thursday, February 28, 2008

Travel Scholarism

I' m starting my blog with this Lithograph because i realized that this should be the real perspective of the artist. It was displayed up right in the museum making the horizon and fields seem like they would when we're on our feet. However, flying in the plane, he would have seen it from this perspective. (just thought it was cool)

My favorite thing was indubiozsly the infinite mirror. As technology advances, so do the tools of art. Much as the lithograph above, which was made 14 years after the Wright brothers made the first successful airplane, the infinite mirror is created now in more modern times where rich humans ride in limos that have one-sides mirror windows.

The video rooms were the scariest displays as I suspect many of you will agree. 
We are used to movies as a story telling device (even though sometimes it's hard to find stories in some of them) The displays we experienced (the first one least) was a message that made us think about the artist's point of view in a very serious way.  It was so serious, yet it used little things in every-day's life such as pancakes.
The viewers realize that the relations between the elements used in the video were "out of the normal" thus we THINK.

Art inspires invention with creativity and also documents it. Leonardo DaVinci's sketches are a good example, of course in this case, the artist was also the inventor.

Sometimes art is an escape and a way of saying: "who gives a #@$%@#^". -- A rockstar kinda thing.
However, while the output is vulgar, as long as the art is there, there are others who many interpret it a totally different way than the artist, expressing a more positive message than:" who...$%#%^"

Everything in our world is affected by the butterfly effect in constant motion. We affect each other = we are one.

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NickK said...

I also thought that the first video we watched was quite disturbing. How come if it's in a museum it's considered art? The pieces by the artist with strange video were completely over my head, I didn't understand them at all, probably because they made no sense! They were nice to look at, but I could not find a rhyme or a reason.

Not sure why you said "Everything in our world is affected by the butterfly effect in constant motion. We affect each other = we are one." This was completely random and disjointed from the rest of the entry.

I also loved the infinite mirror piece. I want the walls in my house to be like that!